See the Auction catalogue here:

Everyone can participate.

You can bid in your own name or with an alias.
With your first bid, we need your name, address, telephone number, and your alias, if any.
Please note that this auction list may look "wrong" if you use a mobile phone.
If you have any problem, please contact Sven-Erik Olsen at +45 4042 2251 for guidance.

Bids are submitted by sending an email with the heading ‘BID AUCTION’ to: with indication of name or alias as well as the size of the bid.
When the bid is registered on the auction list, it is valid for 24 hours, and if no higher bid is obtained during this period, the lot in question goes to the bidder.

Bid sizes and conditions:
Minimum overbid is DKK 10.
When the price exceeds DKK 100, the minimum overbid is DKK 25.
When the price exceeds DKK 500, the minimum overbid is DKK 50.
Auction numbers completely without bids are withdrawn after 10 days and deleted from the list.

Quality rating:
Where nothing else is stated, the decoration number is neat and complete.

When the auction is closed, a statement of the acquired material is sent to the buyer, which immediately thereafter must paid to Oldfux, Sven-Erik Olsen via:

Bank account:

IBAN: DK0250 43000 1227 848


Remember to clearly state your name so that it is registered correctly.

Shipping / Pickup:
Purchased material  can be sent - with the addition of shipping costs - by agreement Oldfux.

Bids can NOT be submitted in advance!
Bids submitted before 1. Novemberare invalid and will be deleted!
Bids can therefore be submitted no earlier than 1. November at 08.00 a.m.
Please remember to put the heading BID AUCTION in your mail.